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Future Bass and House
with Japanese Atmospherics
JJ Barrado aka Maydenfield is a British-Spanish electronic music producer, songwriter, remixer, musician, actor and MC. He has lived in Japan since graduating from university, and speaks Japanese fluently. He mainly produces future bass and house with Japanese atmospherics, and his imagery is strongly influenced by Japanese architecture, culture, anime and lifetsyle. A strong melodic sentimentality and longing runs right through all of his music, and to date, all of his own vocal production has been with Japanese or half-Japanese singers.

He has remixed Justin Bieber, Fall Out Boy and Gotch (Asian Kung-fu Generation) among others. 

His most recent future bass release is "Love With a D" featuring KINO, released on 7.31. This follows the Xai future bass track "Sleep," which was also a theme song for the TOHO movie "Startup Girls. A house track with Japanese social influencer Hase Miho is released on 9.18.

JJ has played for, supported, toured, written, recorded and/or produced with various artists including Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tetsuya Komuro, TM Revolution, The Gazette, The Brilliant Green, Tommy Heavenly, and Ryudo Uzaki.
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